Preset Collection


These stunning film-like presets for lightroom mobile will help you take your iphone photography to the next level. I have named them Cool Mist and Warm Breeze as the first one has cooler greens and brighter whites and the second has more of a warm, pink undertone.


These presets are to be used with Lightroom Mobile app for both iphone and android users.

Once you purchase the collection, you will be able to download each file individually and a PDF file explaining how to properly use them. Please read this carefully!

You will be able to download them for a two day period.

In Lightroom mobile, after applying the preset, you will then be able to edit settings such as contrast, exposure, saturation etc., to your liking. Each photo will differ depending on color, time of day, lighting etc., so you will need to adjust accordingly.

If you run into trouble you can always email me

All sales are final and non-refundable.