What’s in my Hospital Bag

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had to pack a hospital bag for giving birth! I actually found myself researching on pinterest and other blogs what to pack for both myself and babe as I was afraid I would forget something important! Below is the master list I came up with: (and I’m aware it’s likely more than we’ll need but I’m totally one to be over-prepared).

It feels so real to have the bags packed and ready to go! I’m using my brand new fawn design bag for babies stuff and my bodomint bag for mine.

For Mama:

Hospital Gown – I had my own gown that I packed to wear while delivering the twins and I loved it. Something about being in your own clothing that makes you feel so much more comfortable while in the hospital. Taking it along again!

Pillow – I take my pillow with me anytime I go somewhere for the night. It makes all the difference with how I sleep because it’s familiar and comfy. So a night or two at the hospital is no exception. I just always make sure to put a bright colored pillow case on it so it doesn’t get mistaken for a hospital pillow and I don’t accidentally leave it behind.

Maternity Robe – My husband got me the prettiest and comfiest robe from Pink Blush for Christmas and I’m bringing it along for after birth for comfort and easy nursing while recovering.

Blanqui leggings – Ok these leggings have been game changers in my last weeks of pregnancy. I have several pairs and have been living in them on a daily basis. They are the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever owned and while they have both maternity and post-partum styles, I’ve found the post-partum ones have worked great for pregnancy as well if you wear them below your belly  and I’m totally packing them for the hospital because I’ll need all the support and comfort I can get following birth!

Blanqui nursing support tank – Also a game changer! So comfy and I think I will literally wear it under everything for the first couple months after birth because the support is incredible and it smooths out those post-partum problem areas. It’s also so easy to nurse in as the material is stretchy and easily pulls down!

Cardigan/comfy sweater – to wear over my tank when going home.

Nursing Bra – of course a necessity! I have one from the boys that still fits but I’m waiting to purchase more until after birth because I never know what size I will be while nursing. 

Lotion – I got this Sleepy Cream from LUSH for Christmas from my husband and you guys its incredible. It has the most comforting but light lavender scent and I use it most nights before bed. I saw it in my best friend Britt’s hospital bag post and knew I had to pack it in my bag too.

Lip balm – I generally struggle with chapped lips and the last time I was in the hospital, I remember how much I wished I had packed my lip balm (forgot it) because it seemed to be extra dry in there. This one is by the Honest Company and I love it.

Slippers/ flip-flops – slippers for walking around those cold floors at the hospital. And I’ll pack a pair of plastic flip-flops for the shower too!

Breast pads – because you need em.

Over Cover – The over cover did not exist when I had the twins and I so wish they did! It’s such a practical invention as it doubles as both a car seat cover and nursing cover and I’m so excited to try it out with this babe! We chose the eclipse cover but I’m literally obsessed with so many of the patterns!

Toiletry bag – got this cute bag at indigo and it’s large enough to hold my tooth brush and tooth paste, brush, and some makeup.

Not pictured: phone charger, snacks, large comfy underwear for after birth, flat iron.

For Babe:

Soother -the twins didn’t really take soothers but I’m all about trying so we have one packed!

Soother clip – this adorable beaded clip is from Ryan and Rose and it’s a teether and soother slip in one. It’s made of natural wood beads.

Diapers – how cute are these little panda ones from the Honest Company?! A friend gave these as a gift at my bridal shower and of course I had to pack them for the hospital! They’re so tiny and sweet.

Wipes – Love these Natural Bamboo wipes by Aleva for on the go!

Change Pad – We’re completely obsessed with everything from Gathre and since the company didn’t exist when the twins were born, I’ve never used one of their change pads. I’m excited to try it out for this babe. We have the Admiral Micro +. It’s a little longer than the regular micro mats which will be great as baby grows!

Burp Cloths – We got these cute ones from Copper Pearl! They’re great quality and come in a bundle of 3 for a very affordable price!

Going Home Outfit – having no clue what this little guy will weigh, I’ve packed several outfits in different sizes just to be safe! And of course a cozy warm sweater to bundle him up in!

Swaddle blanket – this one is from The Over Company and I’m in love with it! It’s nice and big, so soft and it’s also reversible. Can’t wait to snuggle up baby boy in it!

Hat – Another necessity for this time of year. This cute one was gifted as well and is from H&M.

Socks – Forgot to include these in the photo but little newborn sockies this time of year are a necessity!

Booties – As you probably know, Mocs are my go-to for babes shoes. The only shoes that stay on their feet! And so adorable too. I’m not sure these ones from Mini Moc  will fit him while he’s so little but he’ll be snuggly in his socks or footed sleepers if not!

So that’s about it! Always love hearing what others pack in their hospital bags so comment and tell me if you have any necessities I missed! Thanks so much for reading!

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Our Minimal Nursery

Well I can officially say we’re ready to meet our baby boy. I’m 35 weeks along and the nursery is done, the hospital bag is packed (will be sharing what’s in it in a post to follow!) and now I’m really just trying to keep myself busy to make the days pass as fast as possible! I’ll be induced around the 38 week mark so 3 weeks and counting.

We began this nursery for our baby girl, Paisley, who we lost last March. And at first I found it very difficult to pick up where we left off to finish prepping it for this new little one. There was a lot of mixed emotion and I wanted to cry every time I entered the room for the longest time. But having said that, once we got started, it’s been very healing to have something to work on and be exited about again. Focusing on preparing things for this precious baby boy we’ve been blessed with has been just what I needed over the past months.

It’s funny how over prepared you are with your first babe or (babes in our case.) We had SO much stuff for the twins and people gave us SO much stuff. But in the months to follow their birth, we soon discovered what we actually would use and what would never be touched. So with that in mind, combined with our journey towards minimalism, we are sticking to the bare minimum for baby boy. And it feels good. For decor, we went with a very minimalistic look and neutral color scheme.  I’m sharing the links to each of the items in the room at the bottom of the post.     

Crib // Change Table // Shelves // Wicker Basket // Crib Sheets // Rug // Knitted ZZZ Blanket // Wooden Ornament Toys // Three Bears Print // Mocs // Diaper Bag // Plaid Blanket on Change Pad // Burp Cloths // Wire Baskets 

Thanks for following along!


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A Blessing Shower for Baby Boy

My heart is so so full. This past weekend, a few of my girlfriends completelyyyy surprised me with the most beautiful and intimate little blessing shower for our baby boy. This weekend, I was reminded not only of the incredible and supportive community we have surrounding us but also of the Lord’s constant faithfulness as we navigate through life’s most difficult journey’s. He is so so good and I’m just feeling overwhelmingly grateful. Thanks again to my most amazing bunch of girls for blessing us tremendously. xoxox 

and thank you Sophie for snapping these photos! 😉

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30 week update

Well this was supposed to be a 30 week update but I’m 31 weeks tomorrow and so beyond thankful to be here. It feels surreal to be past the 30 week mark and know that our baby could be here as early as 6 weeks from now! Every kick, every punch, every roll and tumble brings me so much joy and gratitude. God is good.

Weight Gain: I’ve gained 28 pounds so far but you guys I’m seriously bracing myself for the holidays.

Mood: Hmmm it seems to be sort of all over the place. I feel happy and excited most of the time but I’m also still dealing with anxious feelings on a daily basis…constantly surrendering them back to Him. Just feeling like I want this little man to be born ASAP so I can have him and hold him in my arms.

Favourite Maternity Clothes right now: Oh man you guys, I feel like nothing I own fits me right so I don’t know how I’m going to get through the next 8 weeks (with multiple turkey dinners in there at that!) I’ve basically been living in leggings and some stretchy tops I grabbed from H&M and then alternating cardigans. I have a few dressier maternity pieces a friend lent me and some stretchy dresses from Target (like the one I’m wearing in this photo) that will work over the holidays thank goodness! But gosh, I will probably not leave the house and live in my pj pants and husband’s t-shirts for alllll of January.

Sleep: Sleep has not been amazing but to be expected by third trimester right? I wake up to pee on average every hour or two at this point and every time I move or go to role over, I wake myself up. And to top it all off, I’ve had the absolute worst cold and cough for the past 5 weeks that I just haven’t been able to shake. So that doesn’t help with sleeping either! Finally got on some antibiotics to clear it up though so hoping and praying for the best before Christmas is here!  I will say though that just this past week, we upgraded to a king size bed and the size of the bed along with the new mattress has been a game changer! It’s been so much better on my back and the extra room (especially when the twins AND the dog come in to snuggle in the mornings) has been so great. It was at the top of our list of things to get before the new baby so it’s a relief to be able to cross it off the list!

Symptoms: Low energy, (although I’ve started an iron supplement and that seems to be helping quite a bit) slight nausea once and a while, and back/pelvic pain if I do too much walking in a day.

Movement: All of my kiddos have been active babes while in my belly. Lots of kicking and punching and full on rolling around. I love it though. It really helps this pregnancy to feel him move so much, especially during those anxious moments when I can give him a little tap or poke and he pokes back to let me know he’s ok. It’s the most reassuring feeling.

Cravings: Hmmm so the latest thing would be clementine oranges. I literally have gone through a box of them myself every 3 days the past couple weeks. Other than that, I wouldn’t say too many other cravings at this time, just lots of carbs still…muffins, bagels and fresh bread yum!

Names: Happy to say we do have our baby boys name picked out but we are going to wait to share publicly until he arrives.

Nursery and Baby Preparation: We actually put the finishing touches on the nursery this past weekend so it feels so good to have that done before Christmas because January will be all about rest, (as much as you can do with two active 4 year olds) and soaking up all the special time we can as a family of four before this little one arrives. I’ll be sharing photos of our nursery after the holidays.

Things I’m looking forward to in Third Trimester: hmm packing my hospital and diaper bags….such a fun task I always look forward to. And really just meeting this babe and seeing what he looks like. But honestly the absolute best moment will be watching the twins meet him for the first time. They have literally been waiting over a year for a baby and you have no idea how much they talk about him and include him in everything we do. (They still talk about their sister in heaven often as well.)  They like to pull up my shirt so they can “see” and talk to baby and sometimes I have to stop them from doing it in public! I know I’m going to bawl when I see them finally hold, kiss and talk to their baby brother on the outside. It will be such a victorious moment for our family. Not much longer nowww!!!

Thanks for reading you guys!! xo

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It’s a…

We’re thrilled to be welcoming another baby BOY into our family. This little monkey tricked us as we ALL thought it was going to be a girl again. Even these two. But when we told them they were getting another brother, they were equally as excited! So far, their votes for names are Hunny Bunny Boy, Glider, and Vancouver. ha! Don’t ask.

As for us, we are thrilled! I have come to absolutely love having boys and I see it as such a privilege to strive towards raising up strong, respectful, and integral men.

So bring on more trucks and mud, hockey and skateboards. We’re ready for you baby boy!

Thanks so much for reading you guys!

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