30 week update

Well this was supposed to be a 30 week update but I’m 31 weeks tomorrow and so beyond thankful to be here. It feels surreal to be past the 30 week mark and know that our baby could be here as early as 6 weeks from now! Every kick, every punch, every roll and tumble brings me so much joy and gratitude. God is good.

Weight Gain: I’ve gained 28 pounds so far but you guys I’m seriously bracing myself for the holidays.

Mood: Hmmm it seems to be sort of all over the place. I feel happy and excited most of the time but I’m also still dealing with anxious feelings on a daily basis…constantly surrendering them back to Him. Just feeling like I want this little man to be born ASAP so I can have him and hold him in my arms.

Favourite Maternity Clothes right now: Oh man you guys, I feel like nothing I own fits me right so I don’t know how I’m going to get through the next 8 weeks (with multiple turkey dinners in there at that!) I’ve basically been living in leggings and some stretchy tops I grabbed from H&M and then alternating cardigans. I have a few dressier maternity pieces a friend lent me and some stretchy dresses from Target (like the one I’m wearing in this photo) that will work over the holidays thank goodness! But gosh, I will probably not leave the house and live in my pj pants and husband’s t-shirts for alllll of January.

Sleep: Sleep has not been amazing but to be expected by third trimester right? I wake up to pee on average every hour or two at this point and every time I move or go to role over, I wake myself up. And to top it all off, I’ve had the absolute worst cold and cough for the past 5 weeks that I just haven’t been able to shake. So that doesn’t help with sleeping either! Finally got on some antibiotics to clear it up though so hoping and praying for the best before Christmas is here!  I will say though that just this past week, we upgraded to a king size bed and the size of the bed along with the new mattress has been a game changer! It’s been so much better on my back and the extra room (especially when the twins AND the dog come in to snuggle in the mornings) has been so great. It was at the top of our list of things to get before the new baby so it’s a relief to be able to cross it off the list!

Symptoms: Low energy, (although I’ve started an iron supplement and that seems to be helping quite a bit) slight nausea once and a while, and back/pelvic pain if I do too much walking in a day.

Movement: All of my kiddos have been active babes while in my belly. Lots of kicking and punching and full on rolling around. I love it though. It really helps this pregnancy to feel him move so much, especially during those anxious moments when I can give him a little tap or poke and he pokes back to let me know he’s ok. It’s the most reassuring feeling.

Cravings: Hmmm so the latest thing would be clementine oranges. I literally have gone through a box of them myself every 3 days the past couple weeks. Other than that, I wouldn’t say too many other cravings at this time, just lots of carbs still…muffins, bagels and fresh bread yum!

Names: Happy to say we do have our baby boys name picked out but we are going to wait to share publicly until he arrives.

Nursery and Baby Preparation: We actually put the finishing touches on the nursery this past weekend so it feels so good to have that done before Christmas because January will be all about rest, (as much as you can do with two active 4 year olds) and soaking up all the special time we can as a family of four before this little one arrives. I’ll be sharing photos of our nursery after the holidays.

Things I’m looking forward to in Third Trimester: hmm packing my hospital and diaper bags….such a fun task I always look forward to. And really just meeting this babe and seeing what he looks like. But honestly the absolute best moment will be watching the twins meet him for the first time. They have literally been waiting over a year for a baby and you have no idea how much they talk about him and include him in everything we do. (They still talk about their sister in heaven often as well.)  They like to pull up my shirt so they can “see” and talk to baby and sometimes I have to stop them from doing it in public! I know I’m going to bawl when I see them finally hold, kiss and talk to their baby brother on the outside. It will be such a victorious moment for our family. Not much longer nowww!!!

Thanks for reading you guys!! xo

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