Hi there! I’m Natalie. I live in South Western Ontario, with my husband Ron and our three children,  Skyler, Bryson and Everest, in a cozy little bungalow that we’ve made into our home. I homeschool the boys and have so much fun doing so. I’m a lover of good coffee. I laugh a lot. I’m a homebody.  I’m in love with being a mom. (even though it’s sometimes hard. as.heck) And my faith in Christ is what keeps me going. (for real!!!)

I’m a wedding/lifestyle photographer so when I’m not taking pictures, responding to e-mails or preparing a blog post, my days are spent teaching/adventuring with the kiddos, organizing/de-cluttering my home ( I do this a lottt!) and tackling new DIY projects or recipes in the kitchen. I’m actually not half the cook my husband is… but I’m learning you guys.

I hope you enjoy reading this little blog of mine where I’ll be sharing our journey towards a healthier and simpler life, our adventures in homeschooling, new recipes I’ve tried and loved and other little bits and pieces of our every day life!