Hi there! I’m Natalie. I live in South Western Ontario, with my husband Ron and our two and a half year old twin boys, in a cozy little bungalow that we’ve made into our home. I’m a lover of good coffee. I laugh A LOT. I’m a homebody.  I’m in love with being a mom. And my faith in Christ is what keeps me going.

I’m a wedding/lifestyle photographer so when I’m not taking pictures or parked at a local coffee shop with my laptop, my days are spent adventuring with the twins, blogging, and tackling new DIY projects or recipes in the kitchen. I’m actually not half the cook my husband is… but I’m learning!


I hope you enjoy reading this little blog of mine where I’ll be sharing our journey towards a healthier and simpler life, our adventures in homeschooling, new recipes I’ve tried and loved and other little bits and pieces of our every day life!