Pink Blush

A few weeks back I chatted in this post about how I have a very minimal collection of clothing per season. When you’re living with a minimal wardrobe, you need to go with mostly neutrals as well as items that can easily mix and match with each other. But then I also mentioned how I like to have a few fun statement pieces as well. So today I’m sharing a new favourite dress shop where I ordered some fun dresses for the spring/summer season.

I came across Pink Blush back in the early spring and I absolutely fell in love with their line! While they do have many basic and staple dresses for every day wear, I’m obsessed with their beautiful floral patterns like the one I’m wearing below. A lot of their dresses are designed for maternity but the awesome thing is that most of them can be worn for non-maternity as well as there’s a lot of stretch in their material. Their products are only available online through their website but their prices are very affordable compared to other dress boutiques I’ve come across and they’re shipped out in great time!

You can go check out Pink Blush here! Happy Dress Shopping!

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Red and Green

Bryson’s favourite color is green and Skyler’s is red. It makes things easy because everything normally comes in these two colors so when we buy them new things, there is no arguing or questioning as to who get’s what. It also makes things fun this time of year! Today I got them a vanilla dip donut to split while I did some errands and the sprinkles are currently, of course, red and green. So it’s the best thing ever to them, that the store would do up the donuts in their favourite colors.

These adorable tops with the cutest elbow patches are from Os and Oakes and such a fun colorful addition to the twins fairly neutral wardrobe. They wear them all the time! It’s the perfect Christmas gift for any kiddo’s in your life you still need to buy for! You can grab one here! mnt_1013mnt_1001

Fun fact: See that tiny little birth mark under Skyler’s right eye?! That’s the only way most people can tell them apart!


Thanks so much for reading! Happy Wednesday!


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The Ara Satchel by Eve Cork

Being a work from home mama, I’ve been looking for a chic and stylish bag for quite some time now that would serve as a multi purpose work/purse/diaper bag. When my Ara Satchel from Eve Cork arrived in the mail last week, I was so excited to find it was just that!

Eve is a line of sustainably, eco-friendly cork handbags and fashion accessories that are ethically handmade with care in Portugal. Their products are made with the environment and greater well-being of our planet in mind, and that’s something I’m definitely proud to be a part of!

The twins have been potty trained since the spring which thankfully eliminates a ton of stuff that I need to lug around with me but I always like to have at least one change of clothes, as well as some multi purpose wipes, their sippy cups, and of course my typical purse contents (sunglasses, gum, wallet, cell phone etc.,)  On the mornings when the twins are in pre-school, I generally take my laptop to a coffee shop to hammer out e-mails or a blog post so I love that I can totally fit in there and not have to take out everything else or switch bags.


The Eve Krypt wallet is lightweight and durable and has a magnetic snap closure, three bill compartments, twelve card holders, premium natural cork and a full zip coin compartment. I love it! mnt_0877mnt_0824-1mnt_0886


There’s a ton of colors and styles to chose from on the Eve Cork site and a purse or wallet would make a great Christmas gift so head over and check em out!  Thanks so much for reading!


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Becoming a Morning Person

During the workweek, I was always one of those people who would press snooze 5 times before I would get out of bed. I would actually set my alarm earlier on purpose so I would trick myself into thinking I got more sleep. Anyone else do that? I despised mornings and would do everything I could to stay in bed for as long as possible. The weekends were another story. It’s foreign to me that we used to sleep in until 9..10…sometimes 11 am?!?!
That was before we had kids. Once I had them, sleeping in obviously no longer existed.  I can’t even remember the last time I slept past 7:30 a.m. but even with the boys awake, I would pull them into bed with me and laze around for another hour or so, checking emails on my phone and dreading my long to-do lists for the day, until I finally had to role out of bed to feed them breakfast, get them dressed and then start getting myself ready for the day ahead. Our mornings were always off to a late start.
Spring Fashion
Now don’t get me wrong, when you’re a new mom, give yourself permission to laze around. Most of us don’t get much sleep through the night and need to take every minute we possibly can to rest but I know I rocked that laziness a little too much longer than I needed to. My kids are sleeping through the night so I really have no excuses.
Over the past 4 months, becoming a morning person has improved the overall success of my day in so many ways!
During my first round of the 21 day fix, I did my workouts in the evenings. But I watched some of the other challengers get up each morning and get it done and it looked kind of appealing. There where a lot of nights where I was simply too tired to even think about working out. I often wished that I didn’t have it hang over me all day and that I could just get it out of the way but I was too scared to commit to mornings at that time.
Spring Fashion-9
The next round in January, I told my accountability group one day that the next morning I was going to try working out in the morning just to humour myself. I was convinced I would hate it but I wanted to see what it felt like. Keeping my word to someone is important to me…20 people, a whole other story. So I did it. I woke up at 6:30, grumpily headed downstairs and got it done. At 7 I checked in with my group to share I HAD DONE IT! While I was online, I responded to a few e-mails, replied to Facebook messages and grabbed my devotional for the day. At 7:15 I went up to start making breakfast and I couldn’t believe the energy I felt! The twins were just waking up at 7:25 and as I glanced at the clock, I couldn’t believe how much I had accomplished in 1 hour before anyone else in the house was awake!!! It felt SO GOOD!
From that day on I was completely hooked. I just loved how productive I felt, how much energy it gave me, and how it set me up for success the rest of the day.  Starting early gives you that mental boost – while the rest of the world sleeps, you are already thriving.
Spring Fashion-7
In a book called The Compound Effect  which I’m reading with my coaching team this month (I would HIGHLY recommend it to everyone as it just has so many incredible life applications!) the author talks about bookending your days by implementing routines that set us up for success. We often can’t control what goes on through the day…the circumstances we face at work, with our kids, out in the public. BUT we can control how our days start and how they end. Instead of bombarding myself with the tasks of the day before I even get out of bed, (like I used to do), I don’t even look at my phone before I head downstairs for my workout, spend time in the word and THEN start my day. I can’t tell you how life changing this has been for me.
Spring Fashion-6
Thanks so much for reading!! xo

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8 Reasons that Keep me SO passionate about working out

It honestly makes me sad when people say things like “Why do you need to work out every single day? you look great.” or “ Why won’t you eat that? You don’t need to lose any more weight” It frustrates me to hear these things because my decision to maintain a daily fitness routine and eat clean is about sooooo many more reasons then just losing weight you guys. PLUS it’s totally possible to be skinny while NOT healthy and NOT strong. So it also makes me sad when people don’t make fitness a priority because they’re blessed with good genes that keep them looking lean and fit (when really on the inside they are the farthest thing from it!). Those good genes are going to do nothing for you when your bones are weak and your arteries are clogged in 20 years from you being inactive and eating all the wrong foods. I know that sounds a little harsh but it’s the reality and I care too much about you to not say it. So here are 8 reasons I came up with that have motivated me to get into the best shape I can possibly be:
 Mom Fashion
 Mom Fashion-2
Stress Release: My husband said to me about a month ago “I’ve noticed that you’ve been a lot less stressed lately”. I thought about it for a moment. I hadn’t really made any huge eliminations or changes in my life that would make things less stressful. In fact, with coaching AND my photography business, I’ve been struggling with balance over the past months. But previously, I had a hard time managing my stress and would have breakdowns to my husband on a regular basis which involved me crying and telling him that I was going to quit everything because I couldn’t keep up with being a mom, a good wife, and running multiple businesses.  Since I’ve been working out consistently, those endorphins have totally been helping me to relieve stress.  I don’t feel as stressed in general but when I do feel it, I’m able to manage it a lot better.  It’s really amazing what that extra release of hormones does for you! Studies have shown that even five minutes of aerobic exercise can stimulate anti-anxiety effects.
The Joy Factor: I am just all around happier when I’m active. Again, those endorphins just get going and affect my mood in such a drastic way! If I miss a morning workout, my morning just is not off to a great start! I can totally feel it. Me being more joyful, totally affects my relationships with my family and my friends and just anyone in general really.
Getting Stronger: A couple weeks ago on The Social, the girls were chatting about how there’s been a recent shift in the media from making women think they have to be small and skinny to encouraging women to be HEALTHY and STRONG and I couldn’t be happier about this! My goal with my consistent fitness routine is not to become the smallest I can, but to become the STRONGEST and HEALTHIEST I can and that’s my hope and prayer for the women I coach as well. I am able to lift weight and move my body in ways I have never been able to before and it feels SO good. I also have so much more energy to keep up with my kiddos and that alone feels amazing.
The me-time: The time I spend in the morning working out, before anyone else in my house is up has become so important and necessary for me. It’s my time to just focus on myself, recharge, pray, reflect and energize for the day ahead. I always come upstairs from our gym feeling so refreshed and ready to take on the day. Focusing on me and my own health for those 30-40 minutes each day gives me the energy I need to focus on everyone else in my family the rest of the day. So important!!!!!!
The Anti-aging affect: If you want to feel younger then your years, make your work-out routine a PRIORITY in your life. It WILL make a difference as you age. I’m 29 and I STILL get ID’d at the liquor store so let’s keep it that way. 😀 My short term goal is to still be ID’d at 40 ok?!?! Research states that a regular fitness routine can help improve your bone-density as you age too. Work out consistently and you WILL look and feel younger as you age.
Mom Fashion-9
Confidence Booster: 
As a mentioned above, weight loss has never been the sole factor in my decision to get healthy but feeling comfortable in my skin was definitely a goal! Since I’ve been become stronger and leaner and more fit, I  DO feel SO much more confident. I feel like I can wear whatever I want to wear and I haven’t felt that way in a LONG time. When I feel more confident about my body, I feel more confident in EVERY area of my life! To step out and do things I would never normally do, to encourage and uplift others, to be who God designed me to be.
My Kids: One of my biggest motivating factors back in November when I decided to get my health on the right track was totally my kids. They are my world. I want to be around for as long as I possibly can to watch every milestone, to have lots of grandchildren and lots of great grandchildren too. I also want them to lead by example. I want only the best for my children as far as their health and happiness goes and a big goal of mine is to inspire them to be active, healthy and fit too! How can I do that if I’m not walking the walk?!?!
The Inspiring Factor:  I’ve always had a passion to inspire people, to teach, to educate. (I do have a teaching degree after all!). One of the most motivating factors in pushing through the days when I really don’t feel like working out is to inspire and encourage others to keep going when they feel like they can’t. That’s why I love my challenge groups so much! We are what we surround ourselves with and I know people are watching my journey so I’m encouraged to keep sharing and inspiring in hopes that others will join in and get healthier too!
So those are just a few reason’s why I’ve become so passionate about working out and getting IN SHAPE. Are you convinced yet?!? I would LOVE to help you get started. 


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