dressing for the holidays with stmnt

This past weekend was my husband’s work Christmas party and being a busy mama of 3, and with everything else I have on the go this holiday season, finding something cute to wear unfortunately wasn’t at the top of my priority list. I left it until the last minute (typical) and was not feeling brave enough to venture out to the mall this time of year to try things on with all three kiddos in tow, “hoping” I might find something. Then I remembered my friends over at STMNT who rent out clothing, and I e-mailed Jenessa on Wednesday night asking if she had anything that may work for me to wear to this event. From her very first e-mail back to me until returning the items this evening, it was honestly the most incredible and seamless experience. After giving her my size, and some details about the event and dress code, Jenessa was SO amazing and was genuinely excited to help me out! She vividly described why she thought 4 different dresses, along with some other accessories would be perfect options for what I was looking for and she attached images of the dresses as well. The next day, we met up for me to try them on and 10 minutes later, I had the perfect outfit – club monoco dress, the most beautiful fur coat, and a cute, festive coach clutch, all for 25% of the retail price!

If you haven’t heard of STMNT, it was started by two London local babes with a passion for the environment and self expression through clothing. Local fashionista’s can wear their dream dress for their event while saving cash! But here’s the other cool part, you can also rent out your OWN too-nice-to-wear-twice dresses and earn some side hustle cash! It’s a way to make money off of the items in your wardrobe, save money while still having killer style and is a form of responsible consumption! And if you’re not local to London, fear not!! They plan on expanding to surrounding cities and the GTA area sooooon!!!

STMNT is launching their website THIS week so stay tuned! But if you need a cute new outfit to wear over the holidays and don’t want to spend the $$ to purchase a brand new dress you know you’ll only wear once, head over to their IG page and shoot them an e-mail. They’ll hook you up!

I will definitely be renting from them again in the future!!! Thanks so much for reading you guys!




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Bodomint Diaper Bag

I don’t know why on earth I didn’t start using a backpack diaper bag sooner than now! Likely because I haven’t really needed a diaper bag the past few years. But with another baby on the way, and also doing nature hikes and other trips while homeschooling, I need to be able to carry water bottles, snacks, etc., while often needing a hand for each twin. This new bag I recently received from Bodomint has honestly been life changing for me. And now that I’ve experienced what it’s like to be hands free on the job, there’s no chance I’m turning back! Bag on back, baby in front, one twin in each hand. That’s how I’ll be doing life come February.  This particular bag has so many pockets and dividers for keeping things organized too, a necessity for me. And I really had a hard time deciding between the solid black and the stripes because I love them both!

The dress I’m wearing below is from Dwell and Slumber and I’ve basically been living in it lately. It’s SO comfy. And I’ve loved it especially during that awkward stage of being pregnant, when I’m definitely showing but don’t have that perfectly round baby bump yet. Thanks for reading you guys!


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Pink Blush

A few weeks back I chatted in this post about how I have a very minimal collection of clothing per season. When you’re living with a minimal wardrobe, you need to go with mostly neutrals as well as items that can easily mix and match with each other. But then I also mentioned how I like to have a few fun statement pieces as well. So today I’m sharing a new favourite dress shop where I ordered some fun dresses for the spring/summer season.

I came across Pink Blush back in the early spring and I absolutely fell in love with their line! While they do have many basic and staple dresses for every day wear, I’m obsessed with their beautiful floral patterns like the one I’m wearing below. A lot of their dresses are designed for maternity but the awesome thing is that most of them can be worn for non-maternity as well as there’s a lot of stretch in their material. Their products are only available online through their website but their prices are very affordable compared to other dress boutiques I’ve come across and they’re shipped out in great time!

You can go check out Pink Blush here! Happy Dress Shopping!

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Red and Green

Bryson’s favourite color is green and Skyler’s is red. It makes things easy because everything normally comes in these two colors so when we buy them new things, there is no arguing or questioning as to who get’s what. It also makes things fun this time of year! Today I got them a vanilla dip donut to split while I did some errands and the sprinkles are currently, of course, red and green. So it’s the best thing ever to them, that the store would do up the donuts in their favourite colors.

These adorable tops with the cutest elbow patches are from Os and Oakes and such a fun colorful addition to the twins fairly neutral wardrobe. They wear them all the time! It’s the perfect Christmas gift for any kiddo’s in your life you still need to buy for! You can grab one here! mnt_1013mnt_1001

Fun fact: See that tiny little birth mark under Skyler’s right eye?! That’s the only way most people can tell them apart!


Thanks so much for reading! Happy Wednesday!


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The Ara Satchel by Eve Cork

Being a work from home mama, I’ve been looking for a chic and stylish bag for quite some time now that would serve as a multi purpose work/purse/diaper bag. When my Ara Satchel from Eve Cork arrived in the mail last week, I was so excited to find it was just that!

Eve is a line of sustainably, eco-friendly cork handbags and fashion accessories that are ethically handmade with care in Portugal. Their products are made with the environment and greater well-being of our planet in mind, and that’s something I’m definitely proud to be a part of!

The twins have been potty trained since the spring which thankfully eliminates a ton of stuff that I need to lug around with me but I always like to have at least one change of clothes, as well as some multi purpose wipes, their sippy cups, and of course my typical purse contents (sunglasses, gum, wallet, cell phone etc.,)  On the mornings when the twins are in pre-school, I generally take my laptop to a coffee shop to hammer out e-mails or a blog post so I love that I can totally fit in there and not have to take out everything else or switch bags.


The Eve Krypt wallet is lightweight and durable and has a magnetic snap closure, three bill compartments, twelve card holders, premium natural cork and a full zip coin compartment. I love it! mnt_0877mnt_0824-1mnt_0886


There’s a ton of colors and styles to chose from on the Eve Cork site and a purse or wallet would make a great Christmas gift so head over and check em out!  Thanks so much for reading!


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