Bodomint Diaper Bag

I don’t know why on earth I didn’t start using a backpack diaper bag sooner than now! Likely because I haven’t really needed a diaper bag the past few years. But with another baby on the way, and also doing nature hikes and other trips while homeschooling, I need to be able to carry water bottles, snacks, etc., while often needing a hand for each twin. This new bag I recently received from Bodomint has honestly been life changing for me. And now that I’ve experienced what it’s like to be hands free on the job, there’s no chance I’m turning back! Bag on back, baby in front, one twin in each hand. That’s how I’ll be doing life come February. ¬†This particular bag has so many pockets and dividers for keeping things organized too, a necessity for me. And I really had a hard time deciding between the solid black and the stripes because I love them both!

The dress I’m wearing below is from Dwell and Slumber and I’ve basically been living in it lately. It’s SO comfy. And I’ve loved it especially during that awkward stage of being pregnant, when I’m definitely showing but don’t have that perfectly round baby bump yet.¬†Thanks for reading you guys!


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