Summertime Picnics

The twins are stoked that summer is close. Yesterday they started packing their bags for the “ho-and tell” on the vacation we haven’t even planned yet! We didn’t expect to be able to travel much this summer since Paisley was due mid-July and we were planning to lay pretty low. But these monkeys are determined to make something happen! Until then, we’re just doing beach days and lots and lots of summertime picnics.

This leather mat the boys are sitting on is from an amazing company we recently discovered called Gathre.  They come in all sorts of fun colors and are probably one of the best inventions ever for kids. I take this mat with me every where we go….the beach, the park, our backyard. We’ve used it for messy crafts indoors, sand play and play-dough. It just wipes clean with a soapy wet cloth and is ready to be used again. We’re doing a giveaway for a $70 credit for their shop over on our instagram page so be sure to check it out! 

Happy summertime picnicking! Thanks so much for reading.

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Originally we thought we’d be away in Chicago over Halloween or still driving back so we were sort of thinking of skipping trick or treating this year, thinking the twins would forget or not notice but we’re slowly realizing they notice EVERYTHING now. We cannot get away with the stuff we used to. So back we came for Halloween.

We have so many costumes in our playroom and I had told them that this year they can just pick one we already have but then every time someone asked them what they were being for halloween, they would yell “Super Hero’s!” so out I went (super last minute of course) to grab these costumes. They wanted to be super man and bat man but I told them the “super hero brothers!” was a thing so they settled with that. Thank goodness.

We had the best night trick or treating with friends and got lots of kit-kats and caramels which made it all worth it. 😉 img_5766img_5765

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Meal Planning for 4

If I’m being totally honest, meal planning (mostly suppers) is a challenge for me. Especially now that we have kids.  Finding healthy, clean recipes that the twins will also eat is no easy task. Sometimes we modify meals for them which I’m totally fine with. For example, I might make some pasta or potatoes to go with their salmon instead of the giant Kale salad Ron and I are eating. Or mini homemade pizza’s with the same toppings that we’ll have in our stuffed peppers. The boys are pretty good with trying new things but sometimes not as excited as I hoped they would be about that awesome new casserole I was so eager to make. Anyone relate?!

Our family eats oatmeal on repeat for breakfast every day day with the exception of waffles or a bagel with fruit a couple times a week for the twins to switch it up. We normally eat different versions of salad’s for lunch and the twins currently rotate between grilled cheese, and peanut butter sandwiches 😛 with a side of fruit or veggies! The most important thing we keep in mind with our planning is that everyone is having healthy balanced meals with the correct servings of veggies, fruit and protein. It’s definitely not always perfect but we try!

Since my goal this past weekend was to find a few fun new supper recipes for the fall that are delicious yet still healthy, I thought it might be fun to share this weeks meals with you!




Stuffed Pepper Caserole


Salmon and Autumn Kale Apple and Quinoa Salad


Chicken Fajita Sweet Potatoes


Chicken Tortilla Soup


Healthy Turkey Chilli

Thanks for reading! To grab one of these awesome menu planner notepads, with a tear off grocery list (my FAV part of it!!)  head over to Jack and Ella Paper and use discount code NATALIE20 for 20% off your order from now until Monday Oct. 31st! I just LOVE this planner so much as it makes meal planning more fun but it also pays off huge to be organized and prepared for the week ahead!

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Apple Picking

Fun traditions that we started in the boys first year keep getting more and more fun as the years go on. While we were at the orchard picking apples on Monday, we were laughing about how we lugged our 1 month old twins there 3 years back. Ya we were completely crazy. They screamed for most of it and we had to change two poops in the back seat of our car.  But we were so excited to finally have a family to do fun things like this with so we made it happen! This year, the boys were talking about apple picking for about 3 weeks leading up to it. Maybe because I kept reminding them that fall is the BEST SEASON EVER and talking about all the fun things we would be doing or maybe it’s because they actually think it’s so much fun! Either way, we’ll be dragging them to the orchard even when they’re teenagers because we’re awesome parents like that. 😉

We met Ron over his lunch hour and it didn’t take long to fill a bag! The twins ran from tree to tree asking to be lifted for the perfect ones they found that were sooooo high! They both got a kick out of the second last picture below of Ron holding Sky up in the tree because “it looks like he lost his head in the tree” they said.

So far we’ve been eating apples for breakfast lunch and dinner and we’ve made one apple crisp! The twins are determined to make a pie this weekend so we may try that! Lot’s more baking is going to take place in order to get through this big bag of apples!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! xoxox IMG_4218IMG_4242IMG_4243IMG_4245IMG_4244IMG_4246IMG_4241IMG_4247 (1)

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Happy 3rd Birthday Skyler and Bryson

Happy Birthday my 3 year olds. The two little souls that are responsible for making me a mama. I can’t believe how the years are just flying. Yesterday I was getting so emotional looking back at your newborn photos but even though I keep not wanting each stage to end, truly every new stage is better than the one before.  It seems to get more and more fun as you get older and become two little people with unique personalities. You’re both such joyful little boys and make people smile wherever we go.

I love that you’re my little buddies now and we can have conversations about the world while we’re driving in the car. You’re both so observant and inquisitive. Both of you love sports like your daddy.  Golfing is your favourite. You currently ask to go mini-golfing about two times a day and apparently you both want to be pro-golfers as a profession? Ok, we’ll see about that.

The bond you share with each other is the best part of who you are. The gift of being twins is such a special thing and you are so close and loved by the other in such a unique and special way. It’s the coolest thing to watch.

Even though you both agree now that you’ll stay with me and snuggle me forever, I know that one day I’ll have to let you go. That you’ll spread your wings and fly and whether you’re near or far, I’ll be standing on the sidelines cheering you on.  But for right now, I will cherish these special moments the Lord has given me to be a vital part of your lives. To love you, to guide you and to enjoy each moment and stage of life with you.

As I tell you each night before “covering you in” as you both call it, I love you to the moooooon and back! So so excited to celebrate you both today Skyler and Bryson. Happy 3rd Birthday. xoxoxox

Outfits: Leggings – Os and Oaks,  shirts – Whistle and Flute,  Denim shirt – Carters

IMG_3657IMG_3661IMG_3658IMG_3659 IMG_3662IMG_3664IMG_3663IMG_3660

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