Everest’s Bedroom Update

We wanted to give Everest’s room a bit of an update! It’s a fairly tiny space but he’s getting older and we needed to make it more functional for the stage that he’s in. We took out the change table and replaced it with his little kitchen set. And then we moved that expedit up from the basement to store some of his toys. While we were doing all the rearranging, we decided to give him a fun accent wall with this moon phase wallpaper from Rocky Mountain Decals. Now, I’ve put up and taken down A LOT of wallpaper over the years and working with this paper was a GAME CHANGER! I’ll never try anything else. You don’t need any water or glue or anything messy like that. Thank goodness. It’s a sticky, removable paper that you just stick on and re-stick (if you need to) until you’ve got it perfect. It took us about 30 min to get this wall done and I LOVE how it turned out.

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