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Well, we’re one week into homeschooling and so far, we’re LOVING it. So far! Believe it or not, teaching is something that really excites me! I love lesson planning and preparing fun activities and while we’re taking a more casual un-schooling approach for junior kindergarten, i’m still adding in mini-lessons here and there.  I wasn’t quite sure how our school days would look and figured we play around with things that first week. And that we did. As I shared in my last post, my main goal for the year is to instil a love of learning into my children. Most of the time, I want them to be learning without even realizing it.

I prepared each of my boys two binders for the year. One for their “work” and one for art. My kids LOVE to do art. I did a ton of photocopying at the end of the summer and each Sunday, I insert the work I want us to cover that week into each of their binders (it’s not a lot at all as my approach is more hands on learning, less book work). While I make a rough outline of an activity to do each day, I’m really flexible with when it get’s done, as long as it get’s done by the end of the week! We have been doing about 20 min of focused “school time” each day but the timing for when we do this is different each day depending on what we have on the go. Some days it will be first thing in the morning but if we have nature group,  swimming lessons or a play date that morning, we might do our “school time” after lunch or even after nap/quiet time. But the boys have been excited about it and remind me saying “mom we haven’t done our school time yet” if it’s later in the day.

While my kid’s have great letter recognition and can print a lot of them on their own, we’re still focusing on a different letter each week, to perfect their printing and ensure they know all their sounds in preparation for reading.

I designed this little planner to help me with my planning on the weekends and also to keep as a record each week in my teacher binder of what her have accomplished. I have a section at the bottom for a to-do list for mama’s and also a section to keep a running list of my kids interests for future lesson planning. That section is key for me with our un-schooling approach as I want the topics we learn about (besides phonics and math work) to really reflect their interests.

For kindergarten memory verses, our verse each week corresponds with the letter of the week. I will provide a separate printable for this soon!

Happy homeschool planning! You can print yours here: Homeschool Weekly Kindergarten Planner

And I also have one without “letter of the week” for any homeschool age here: Homeschool Weekly Planner

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