Apple Picking

Fun traditions that we started in the boys first year keep getting more and more fun as the years go on. While we were at the orchard picking apples on Monday, we were laughing about how we lugged our 1 month old twins there 3 years back. Ya we were completely crazy. They screamed for most of it and we had to change two poops in the back seat of our car.  But we were so excited to finally have a family to do fun things like this with so we made it happen! This year, the boys were talking about apple picking for about 3 weeks leading up to it. Maybe because I kept reminding them that fall is the BEST SEASON EVER and talking about all the fun things we would be doing or maybe it’s because they actually think it’s so much fun! Either way, we’ll be dragging them to the orchard even when they’re teenagers because we’re awesome parents like that. 😉

We met Ron over his lunch hour and it didn’t take long to fill a bag! The twins ran from tree to tree asking to be lifted for the perfect ones they found that were sooooo high! They both got a kick out of the second last picture below of Ron holding Sky up in the tree because “it looks like he lost his head in the tree” they said.

So far we’ve been eating apples for breakfast lunch and dinner and we’ve made one apple crisp! The twins are determined to make a pie this weekend so we may try that! Lot’s more baking is going to take place in order to get through this big bag of apples!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! xoxox IMG_4218IMG_4242IMG_4243IMG_4245IMG_4244IMG_4246IMG_4241IMG_4247 (1)

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