Lollipop Baby Monitor

We’ve been in the market for a new baby monitor for quite some time now. We had been using the same old one for Brady that we’d had since the twins were babes and the signal wouldn’t even reach to our front porch. Frustrating! I’d heard amazing things about the lollipop monitor from a few different friends over the past few years so I’m thrilled to finally own one and try it out ourselves. We’ve been using it for the past month now and I’m obsessed!

The monitor was super easy to set up, once you download the app on your phone. You just have to search for the camera on your wifi network, pair it with your phone and you’re all set to go! The bottom of the camera is a flexible silicone stick that you can wrap around the crib or anything really, and it comes with a wall hanger so that you can mount it once the baby is able to reach up and grab it. It’s neat though that you can wrap the monitor around anything in your home if baby is playing or napping in another room.

I’m really impressed with how clear the picture is. I can get such a clear view of Brady that I can actually see him breathing and making little movements which is so reassuring to me, especially if I’m out in the evening while my husband or a sitter is there and I want to check in on him.

A few other great features that we’re loving are the white noise and lullabies it plays, the video recording and snapshot and the two way talk feature! One day last week, my husband tuned in from work when he got a notification on his app that Brady was waking and I could hear him from the kitchen telling Everest (our two year old) through the monitor to stop hitting Brady on the head! Ev was so startled but it worked and I’m thankful he caught that! Now the kids always try and talk back to my husband through the monitor after Brady’s naps. hehe!

Overall, we’re really impressed with this monitor and I would highly recommend it to any parent in the market for a new one!

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My little skeleton babes. This season has been everything we love it for. Numerous fall hikes through the woods, picking and carving pumpkins, lots of football, chilli, and eating apples for dayyyys. The twins have been counting down to Halloween for the past 2 months and we didn’t think we’d ever get Everest to wear a costume, but we found the perfect solution this weekend that he was obsessed with so just you wait. 😉

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Everest’s Bedroom Update

We wanted to give Everest’s room a bit of an update! It’s a fairly tiny space but he’s getting older and we needed to make it more functional for the stage that he’s in. We took out the change table and replaced it with his little kitchen set. And then we moved that expedit up from the basement to store some of his toys. While we were doing all the rearranging, we decided to give him a fun accent wall with this moon phase wallpaper from Rocky Mountain Decals. Now, I’ve put up and taken down A LOT of wallpaper over the years and working with this paper was a GAME CHANGER! I’ll never try anything else. You don’t need any water or glue or anything messy like that. Thank goodness. It’s a sticky, removable paper that you just stick on and re-stick (if you need to) until you’ve got it perfect. It took us about 30 min to get this wall done and I LOVE how it turned out.

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Summertime Picnics

The twins are stoked that summer is close. Yesterday they started packing their bags for the “ho-and tell” on the vacation we haven’t even planned yet! We didn’t expect to be able to travel much this summer since Paisley was due mid-July and we were planning to lay pretty low. But these monkeys are determined to make something happen! Until then, we’re just doing beach days and lots and lots of summertime picnics.

This leather mat the boys are sitting on is from an amazing company we recently discovered called Gathre.  They come in all sorts of fun colors and are probably one of the best inventions ever for kids. I take this mat with me every where we go….the beach, the park, our backyard. We’ve used it for messy crafts indoors, sand play and play-dough. It just wipes clean with a soapy wet cloth and is ready to be used again. We’re doing a giveaway for a $70 credit for their shop over on our instagram page so be sure to check it out! 

Happy summertime picnicking! Thanks so much for reading.

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Originally we thought we’d be away in Chicago over Halloween or still driving back so we were sort of thinking of skipping trick or treating this year, thinking the twins would forget or not notice but we’re slowly realizing they notice EVERYTHING now. We cannot get away with the stuff we used to. So back we came for Halloween.

We have so many costumes in our playroom and I had told them that this year they can just pick one we already have but then every time someone asked them what they were being for halloween, they would yell “Super Hero’s!” so out I went (super last minute of course) to grab these costumes. They wanted to be super man and bat man but I told them the “super hero brothers!” was a thing so they settled with that. Thank goodness.

We had the best night trick or treating with friends and got lots of kit-kats and caramels which made it all worth it. 😉 img_5766img_5765

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